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Collaborative promotes quantum sciences, will hold 4,000 activities


To celebrate World Quantum Day on Sunday, a coalition of Chattanooga business and education groups are launching a six-week effort to explore and promote quantum technologies with at least 4,000 quantum-related activities.

Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative, a nonprofit group formed this year to promote the first commercial quantum network in the country in Chattanooga, is helping coordinate an array of seminars, activities and classes on quantum physics and technology to help more students and workers explore the potential of particle physics and its effect on everything from computers to sensing equipment.

“We’re grateful for the scientists, instructional designers, teachers and others who have contributed expertise to build a collection of learning resources to help make learning about quantum accessible for everyone,” Charlie Brock, CEO of Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative, said in an announcement Friday on the new initiative.

Quantum offers the potential to significantly boost the computing and cybersecurity power of computers and network devices seen as key to the growth and development of artificial intelligence. EPB is using its fiber optic network, which already provides the first communitywide gigabyte internet service, to also connect quantum users and researchers in Chattanooga along a new quantum network.

Brock said the quantum activities planned this spring are part of a continuing communitywide collaboration to prepare Chattanooga for education, jobs and business opportunities in the emerging quantum sector.

Interactive opportunities are designed to be completed at school or home, including a livestream challenge with students at the EPB Institute of Technology and Networking at Tyner Academy. Other activities will include events with quantum experts from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Arizona State University, IonQ and Qubitekk in presentations available both in person and via live stream at GigCity

Other available resources include handson activities created by instructional designers at the Public Education Foundation, the Enterprise Center and the National Q-12 Partnership.

“Hamilton County Schools is dedicated to preparing our students for life after graduation, and our community is moving to a future of careers in quantum,” Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Justin Robertson said in a statement. “For our students, this means encouraging skills development, including communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, through learning precision making, design and more in eLabs across our district.”

To encourage participation, the Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative will give away five $150 Amazon gift cards through a drawing among participants who register at GigCityGoes

— Compiled by Dave Flessner